Deter Thieves With An Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

Lockcentre’s range of ASEC BS kitemarked snap resistant euro profile cylinder locks are ‘anti –snap’ to prevent thieves using the ‘lock-snapping’ technique to open doors without a key.

A recent BBC Watchdog Test House programme (episode 4) highlighted the increasing practice of ‘lock snapping’ – a technique used by thieves to snap a lock in two by applying force to the cylinder,   allowing a door to be opened without a key.

The technique was first used by thieves in West Yorkshire, but the Watchdog Test House programme reported that the practice has now become ‘a nationwide concern’ and that vulnerable locks ‘can be broken by burglars in seconds’.

The vulnerable standard euro profile cylinders are most commonly fitted to uPVC and double-glazed doors. ‘Secured by Design’ doors fitted since 2010 will be fitted with a ‘break secure’ lock – but older doors and any other kind of recent door may still be at risk.

Happily, there is now a range of cylinders available that are specifically designed to prevent this kind of attack. The locks can still be snapped, but they are designed to break at a particular place, leaving a portion of the cylinder intact so that a key is still needed to open the lock.

With lock snapping becoming an alarmingly common practice by thieves all over the country, Lockcentre strongly recommend that you check your cylinder locks to see if they are, or are not, snap resistant.

Lockcentre ASEC anti-snap lock brass

ASEC anti-snap lock in brass

Lockcentre’s range of ASEC BS kitemarked snap resistant cylinders are also drill resistant, pick resistant and bump resistant.

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